Free Fire Screensaver

Flames at your desktop are leaking icons, applications and windows; every single pixel of your screen is on fire. Do you dare to extinguish this realistic flame? Or would you rather prefer to see your friends' eye-popped faces as they look how your desktop is literally burns out? There is not much of a choice, indeed, as this is a completely free screensaver!

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Free Fire Screensaver gained a long list of awards on most of well-known websites and software resources. Over a million of people downloaded Free Fire Screensaver and loved it! Don't forget that it is completely free! Download Free Fire Screensaver now and ignite your screen too!

Fantastic Flame Screensaver

Burn my desktop, burn! The flame tongues are unbelievably beautiful - the fire looks and feels fantastic. Endless color combinations and a number of options such as wind and fire intensity create incredibly eye-catching fire. A set of predefined background images, dozens of flame styles and random alternation of fire presets ensure you'll never get tired of watching this screensaver again and again!

Fantastic Flame Screensaver Screenshot: Main View

Some Fantastic Flame Screensaver screenshots.

Over a half million of users all over the planet have preferred Fantastic Flame Screensaver. A true living fire at the desktop invariably attracts attention thanks to realistic screensaver animation and vivid, colorful flames. Download the free trial version and see that all said is true yourself!

The payment is done via a secure connection, and your personal data aren't transferred to anyone. A wide variety of payment options including PayPal are supported. Your purchase comes with an unconditional 30-days money-back guarantee. The license you purchase includes free updates for any further versions of Fantastic Flame Screensaver. Lost Key?